Stogie’d Launches “The Buzz” (Press Release)

NOTE: This press release is for a site CBM’s Chief Bob Woods started, as a proof-of-concept for a new style of news- and feature-related Website network. It was also a trial run for what he wanted to do with CBM as a business. He shut it down in March 2011, because his CBM business took off. He’s planning on publishing a case study soon on the success he had with this network.

The Buzz: A New One-Stop Cigar Information Source, Delivered in Near Real-Time

Cigar lovers and those in the industry now have a one-stop shop on the Web for the latest cigar news and information, as well as special deals on their stogies

SILVER SPRING, MD — Nov 16, 2010 / (MyPRGenie) — What’s “the buzz” in the world of cigars? Now, those who both love cigars and/or are cigar-trade professionals can get the answer to that question, in near-real time, at The Buzz at Stogie’d (

The new site is a part of Stogie’d, a network of websites created especially for cigar lovers and professionals. In addition to launching The Buzz, Stogie’d has added video coverage of the world of cigars from its main Stogie’d hub site (

“Our goal at Stogie’d is to be the first place on the Web that those who enjoy and make/sell cigars come to when they think of stogies,” said Bob Woods, Stogie’d publisher and managing editor. “Producing both ‘The Buzz at Stogie’d’ and cigar-related video programming go a long way towards providing the type of services that help us become worthy of those involved with cigars at every level-from the cigar lover to the corporate leadership at major cigar companies.”

The Buzz at Stogie’d

Believing that the cigar community wants to find out the latest news and features about their stogies, Stogie’d developed The Buzz at Stogie’d. This new site aggregates RSS feeds in near-real time from many different sources, and lists content from those sources in different “channels” throughout the site.

The concept behind The Buzz at Stogie’d is based on popular websites like popurls and Alltop, both of which take in RSS feeds and aggregate them into one page or site. The RSS feed of Stogie’d news and features is already a part of Alltop’s Cigars channel.

Initial coverage at The Buzz includes News on the main page; Tweeters, or those who use Twitter and report on and/or love cigars, or are in the industry; and feeds and tweets from cigar manufacturers and retailers. Also included are Special Deals from those companies that sell cigars and accessories online and/or in local cigar shops, as well as cigar-related video and photo feeds.

When a big story develops in the cigar and tobacco industry, The Buzz at Stogie’d will feature a “Breaking News” section at the top of its main News page, with feeds that highlight content about the developing story. Other channels and information sources will be regularly added to the site. A submission form is also available for Buzz visitors to suggest sites and feeds.

Stogie’d Videos

Stogie’d has also initiated its own multimedia programming. At the start, the site’s videos will center around cigar reviews and events. Already, Stogie’d has reviewed cigars like the La Aroma De Cuba Mi Amor, Room101 (made by Camacho Cigars) and the CAO La Traviata. The site also caught up with cigar celebrity Sam Leccia, who made news of his own when it was revealed he would be leaving Oliva Cigar’s Cain and NUb brands.

Stogie’d videos can be seen not only at Stogie’d and Stogie’d TV (, but at popular sites like YouTube, Vimeo, Veoh, and Viddler. Stogie’d videos are also available via niche-targeted sites like and Spike (Viacom).

All Stogie’d-related sites will continue to be upgraded and enhanced with new features throughout 2010 and 2011, including ones that will transform the entire network into a huge online social community.

About Stogie’d

Stogie’d, and its associated network of websites, is the first place cigar lovers and those in the industry go to when they think of cigar news, information and community on the Web. The Stogie’d network of sites is comprised of four sites: Stogie’d, the “hub” of the network that also covers the cigar world via blog posts and videos; Stogie’d TV, which features carefully selected videos on a wide variety of cigar-related topics; Cigar Gigs, a job site for those looking for work at cigar and tobacco-related companies, as well as for businesses offering those gigs; and The Buzz at Stogie’d, a near real-time aggregator of news, information, special cigar deals, and “tweets” from those who both love cigars, and the companies and personalities that serve cigar consumers.

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