Projects: Completed and New

With projects old and new, as well as the constant cycle of keeping up with the tech tools and the marketing concepts behind using them, we’ve been pleasantly busy here at CruxBridge Media (CBM) with Website development and Internet marketing projects. Here’s some of what we’ve been working on lately:

Just completed

Electronic Systems Services’ Website. ESS sells and services point-of-sale (POS) systems and other services to restaurants and retail stores. We replaced their old Website, which was difficult to upgrade and did not have the “basics” that Websites have nowadays in terms of search-engine optimization (SEO), content entry and organization, and especially overall ease of maintenance and use.

With our platform and development suite of tools, we were able to quickly turn around a nice-looking Website that is totally upgraded on the “back end,” while making the site look to the company’s typical visitor more evolutionary than revolutionary. In other words, we were able to retain much of the appearance of the company’s original site, while upgrading some aspects of it.

With the new site, ESS can now easily add content, SEO their current content for a deeper and better Internet marketing strategy, and perform a lot of tasks they could not previously conduct. Their site can also be further upgraded to perform a wide variety of jobs and tasks. We’ll be advising ESS on their site as they go forward with their already-highly successful business.

In progress

UPDATED March 22, 2011, 10:00 AM EDT // A Website and a promotional video for a consumer product in the wireless-phone accessory space, called The Nub. I’ve not only seen this in use, my wife has one on her phone/car, and she absolutely loves it. We shot part of the video with her car! My unit is coming in later this week. And, yes, that’s me walking up to and getting into my blue SUV in the video.

The video is done and up on both the Website and in our YouTube channel. The Website is finished as well, in terms of design and back-end development. Because of the tools used in the project, it will be very easy to add content and functionality to the site. And we are using best-of-breed security for it as well.

We turned around this project very quickly, too, as it needed to be up in time for this year’s International CTIA Wireless show in Orlando, which takes place all this week. Once the show is done, we’ll continue to support this product with full Internet and traditional marketing services, including video, social media, SEO and others.

We also continue to support our long-term clients and initiatives.

Almost done

Our new report on Facebook marketing. We hope to have that out by this time next week.

This is the type of blog post I don’t like writing  — they’re called “we we” posts because they generally address what “we” do. I’d much rather write about what we can do for your company. I do hope I’ve given you some idea of both the breadth of our offerings, though, and how we can help your company in particular.

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