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Blog graphic for Blog Post Writing for BusinessBlog writing for business: Writing a business blog, and keeping it freshly stocked with great content that people want to read and share is not an easy job … even for people like me, who both use blogs to promote their business and get paid to blog (or come up with blog strategies) for others.

Sure, I keep a clip file of business related topics and links upon which I know I can provide my own viewpoint. I even have a file of ideas I can use, if the ol’ business blog creativity well really runs dry.

Even in those cases, though, I need to write every business -related blog post so that people can relate to the topic. This is where the seemingly different writing styles of business and creative not only work together in business blogging, but compliment one another. How so?

You would think business and creative writing would go together like, say, water and oil. That’s just not so. One doesn’t have to write like they do for an MBA thesis.

I knew I wanted to write about this subject at some point, and sooner rather than later. I put it in my idea list, and waited for inspiration. Then yesterday, I was influenced by a blog post I saw elsewhere (see the “hat tip” at the end of this post). While that post handled the subject of storytelling from a broader perspective, I thought it was the perfect thing to get me started on a subject about which I’ve wanted to blog for awhile.

This post doesn’t really deal with what’s written at that blog, but the subject was close enough to get the ol’ brain juices flowing to write 600-plus words on it.

Just as is the case with this blog post, I find it is easier to write a story about something that happened to me and relate it back to a point, as opposed to trying to come up with a post where no real relevance is shown in real life. Those latter types of posts tend to be dry and boring, and don’t get a lot of links and/or attention. I have a feeling you’ll find it easier to write this way, too.

When you have a business blog topic about which to write, ask yourself these two questions:

  1. How can I relate this topic in story form to my real life? (Sometimes a personal story works better than a professional one, especially if it involves kids or cute animals. Trust me on this one.)
  2. If there’s no way I can related the topic to my real life, is it something about which I want to write? And should I write?

If you find yourself questioning your topic as a result of the second question, chances are you shouldn’t write about it if you can’t relate it to some kind of real-life story. After all, if you can’t make your subject relate to something—anything—meaningful in your life, will your readers be able to make that leap for themselves?

Still not convinced that storytelling is the way to go with blog posts? I’ll leave you with these two quotes that will hopefully turn you into a believer:

Every man is bound to leave a story better than he found it.

~ Mary Augusta Ward, late 19th/early 20th century British novelist

Great stories happen to those who tell them.

~ Ira Glass

By the way, I’m also hoping you see what I did here in this post. In writing about storytelling and blogging, I told a story at the same time. Proving the point of a post while actually writing about that topic doesn’t happen every day. I’m glad when it happens to me; I hope you can do the same, and be a happy camper in the process.

h/t MarketingProfs (inspiration for this post, which does have a couple of stories in it!)

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