Hand to Mouse Networking Launches in Beta

Hand to Mouse Networking - Business NetworkingHand to Mouse Networking, a new Website dedicated to helping those who are involved with business networking—online and offline—has launched in a beta version.

The concept was created by Bob Woods, chief executive officer of CruxBridge Media, after years of experience using business networking to meet fellow business professionals and work toward mutually beneficial relationships.

“When you’re at a business function or online on a networking site, it’s very easy to forget that you’re there for a purpose: to meet like-minded businesspeople who can help you, while you assist them,” Woods said. “Both the Hand to Mouse Networking concept and its associated Website puts a real strategy to your networking, as well as gives you tips on both online and offline networking, and especially how to connect the two.”

The Website’s introductory message spells out both Woods’ overall concept, and the largest goals of the site:

What is Hand to Mouse Networking?

It’s a mindset. It’s a methodology. Business networking in both online and real-world situations is important to growing your business. Many people do both; few know how to effectively connect the two. HTM Networking helps you excel at both forms of business networking on an individual basis, too!

Woods includes the following in his definition of online and real-world (offline) networking:

Real-life business networking – Business mixers; lead and referral groups; trade shows, conferences and conventions; panel discussions; chambers of commerce and other business-related organizations; and so on.

Online business networkingLinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, business/social networks with specific demographic or other targets, niche sites like Quora or Empire Avenue, etc.

With its beta launch, the site’s main function is to provide a platform for blog posts and helpful information regarding online and offline business networking, and especially combining the two.

Woods is also searching for writers and bloggers who are interested in contributing content to the site.

Hand to Mouse Networking also has a Twitter account at @handtomousenet and a Facebook Page, and publishing efforts to those two platforms will commence in early June, 2011.

Future plans for the site include:

  • A bi-weekly email newsletter
  • Case studies and special reports
  • An membership-only area where users can discuss their own business-networking tips and techniques, as well as network with one another

The Website and its associated services are anticipated to fully launch in late summer of 2011. CruxBridge Media (CBM) designed and developed the Website, and will continue to build it out and add new functionality. While Woods will run both CBM and HTM Networking, the latter’s Website and associated content will be under its own branding.

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