The Website is (Back) Up …

… more or less.

When we decided to upgrade the site’s content, we thought we were doing the equivalent of taking a car into the shop for an oil change. What ended up happening was about the same as the mechanic telling us we needed a new transmission … an upgrade to our engine … and brighter headlights.

In this particular case, the “transmission” is improving the flow of people through the site’s content. We upgraded the navigation, and added sections and pages. The “engine upgrade” comes from a new microsite for our new inbound-marketing campaign offering. And our “brighter headlights” will help us both attract new clients, and have them “see” us via search engines, social media and so forth, thanks to the inbound-marketing tools we have implemented (the same ones we’re offering our clients).

What’s nice about all of this is we only did for ourselves what we’d do for any other client needing a tune-up.

Now that it’s all over*, we can get back to providing top-notch content for our readers, and maybe even convince some of you to give us a call, so we can discuss your organization’s needs.

*Well, almost all over. We’ve got some tweaking to do of the content, so it looks better. There’s about five or six pages that aren’t fully built, but we decided to launch despite that. We’ve also got some graphics and photos to add. And we’ll be changing the colors of the site, so it’s brighter and not so blue. All of those, though, are cosmetic changes; the heavy lifting is done.

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