About CBM

Your brand or company + CruxBridge Media (CBM) = message received by your target audience in a timely fashion.

What’s more, your message will be read in the largest “places” where your audience now lives: the Web and search sites like Google. Cut through the clutter … talk to CBM today. We’re just a phone call or an email away from “joining” your team.

Feel free to use our contact page to see all of our information, or to send us a message. You can also read more about us below …

As little or as much as you need

You can depend on CBM to deliver your message via a new or improved Website, and through search engine marketing and optimization on sites like Google. In addition, we can deliver greatly enhanced outsourced sales and Internet marketing services in conjunction with our sister company OmniSolus. We develop a complete relationship with your company or organization, so that we can consistently attract qualified customers or visitors to your various Internet-based properties, including Websites, blogs, social-media channels, Web-video channels and email campaigns, among others.

What’s more, the outsourced sales services provided by OmniSolus add a powerful component to our inbound marketing.

CBM (and OmniSolus) can also assist your company or organization on a per-project basis, performing as little or as many tasks as you need in the services with which we provide. CBM and OmniSolus work well with providing several services, leading a team that provides services, or being a small part of a larger team working on your project.

No matter what we end up doing for you, we think you’ll find our rates to be very competitive, and our work to be superior.

Our philosophy

CBM’s development and consulting mindset is directly reflected in the three separate elements from our name:

Crux: Of the 88 known constellations, the Crux constellation is the smallest and most simple. But this group of just 5 stars is the most distinctive of all the constellations. Our content is simple and to the point, and is always distinctive.

Bridge: These structures bring people together by spanning wide expanses, like the gaps that organizations can experience in attracting customers. Bridges also help connect businesses to customers, and people to one another. We use our content and technologies to bridge all of those gaps for you.

Media: We use all of the media forms in content and inbound marketing to facilitate two-way and multi-way conversations with, and within, your audience(s).

Your ultimate goal with your audience may be selling, recruiting, persuading or just simply communicating. CBM helps you distribute your message in a simple, yet distinctive manner. We accomplish your goals by using as few or as many forms of media as needed by your organization.

Put CruxBridge Media’s 25+ years of experience in inbound marketing, content development, Web development, community building, brand building, sales and marketing to work for your organization. To start a conversation with us, please use our Contact form, or give us a call (our number is below and on our Contact form).