Welcome to CruxBridge Media

Thank you for clicking on the ad at Stogie’dCigar Gigs or The Buzz. Don’t go away, though, if you found this page from a search engine or a link!

First off, you should know that CruxBridge Media actually developed the entire Stogie’d network, and is responsible for the buildout and programming of all sites, including the video, search-engine optimization, content and social-media campaigns.

Would you like to bring our expertise to your company? If you’re looking for a great (or better) presence on the Web or in social media, we’ve got the tools and expertise for you to meet — even exceed — your goals. We’ve done this for local businesses and companies marketing to a much-larger audience, too.

And if you’re a cigar-store owner, we have the unique expertise needed to really make your cigar shop (or shops) a huge presence in your local market.

We can help with:

  • Local Internet marketing: We put emphasis on the word “local” because driving Web traffic to a local business is much different than doing the same thing for national company. We have expertise in local .. from building locally targeted Websites, to getting you into location marketing (Facebook Places and Foursquare), to setting up SMS/text messaging campaigns and mobile Websites, to including you in directories like Yelp and Craigslist. These tools are especially important for local cigar stores, as few store owners are taking advantage of these local Internet marketing and mobile marketing avenues.
  • Brand: Your company or organization communicates with its brand at the forefront. Your content is very important, and it needs to cut through the clutter, find your audience and put forth your business, cause or message. CBM expertly delivers your content and your brand by using great Websites and/or Web content, search-engine optimization, email, blogs and many other forms of media.
  • Social: Your audience ain’t where it used to be. You can now find them in “places” with names that weren’t well-known just a half-decade ago: Twitter. Facebook. LinkedIn. And they’re talking about your company or organization. You need a sound (and usable) social-media optimization strategy to both interact with, and learn from, your audience. Put CBM’s experience and expertise to work for you. Our Web video services also come into play here.

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