Our Future Blog Posts

After much gnawing and gnashing of teeth, we’ve finally determined what we’re going to do about blogging, when it comes to CruxBridge Media and OmniSolus.

At first, we thought we’d run a blog at each site, with some cross-pollination of posts between the two. We realized, though, that the audience for both blogs are exactly the same: Chief executives, business owners and those who work in sales and marketing at small- to medium-sized firms.

With that in mind, we’ve decided to publish all new posts at OmniSolus’ blog page. Here at the CBM blog, we’ll provide introductory paragraphs to each OmniSolus blog post, and a link to the full post at OmniSolus. We’ll also keep our previous posts up at this site.

We want to make sure everyone knows that CBM is not going away; on the contrary, we’ll have even more projects with our sister company, OmniSolus.

Thanks for reading our posts here, and see you at the OmniSolus site.

Combining Outsourced Sales and Internet Marketing

logos for CruxBridge Media and OmniSolusWhy we’ve changed …

… (more or less) from CruxBridge Media (CBM) to OmniSolus, and combine outbound sales and Internet marketing?

If you don’t mind, this is going to be what’s called a “we we” post, or one where I talk more about the company, than about the reader. In other words, I’m breaking the cardinal rule of blogging. I feel, though, that a full explanation is needed. I hope you’ll see why I’ve made this change, and how it can help your company. [Read more...]

Evaluating a social-media campaign (Part II)

Companies frustrated with social-media marketing need to go beyond the two-fold problem cited in Part I of this series, in order to make their worries go away.

Social media is actually a great for acting like a television-network or radio-station programmer, because in essence … that’s what social media is partially about: Providing content that connects you with your customers.

The big difference between TV/radio and social media, though, is that your customers can talk right back to you. What’s more, they can do it by using the very same channel(s) you use to have a dialog with them.

[Read more...]

A Winning Combination

Logos of ProofHQ and Web Worker Daily… as in, we won a contest! What’s more, the ultimate winner in this will be our clients.

CruxBridge Media has won a one-year package to ProofHQ‘s online proofing software tool. It’s not quite a Sally Field moment—”You like me! You really like me!”—but we’re very happy nonetheless.

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Welcome to CruxBridge Media

Have you ever watched SyFy (the former SciFi Channel, God rest its soul)? If so, you may have noticed that in the very first episode of many of its newer scripted series, one character leads another into some kind of place or inner sanctum. Upon entering, the one “in charge” says:

Welcome to … (Warehouse 13, the Sanctuary, Eureka, etc.)!

This post is the blog equivalent to that soon-to-be cliche’. With that in mind, I say:

Welcome to CruxBridge Media!

We hope you like the site. Please use the navigation bar above to get you around to where you need to go.

We’ve also got quite a few blog postings already up. As of this “welcome,” most of them are archival in nature, from CruxBridge Media’s originating company. We’ll be blogging more about our areas of strength, though, so look for those posts.

Wonder what “CruxBridge Media” actually means? We carefully chose for good reasons; we explain why at our About page.

We hope you’ll follow us on Twitter, and “like” us on Facebook, too.

A Note About Older Entries

Greetings, and welcome to the re-establishment of the Blog at Infonitum, now known as the CruxBridge Media blog.

As we’re into recycling, we’re going to bring over some of the best blog posts from the old Infonitum site. But we don’t just recycle everything here … we only bring you the best content. Yeah, we’re like that.

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