Combining Outsourced Sales and Internet Marketing

logos for CruxBridge Media and OmniSolusWhy we’ve changed …

… (more or less) from CruxBridge Media (CBM) to OmniSolus, and combine outbound sales and Internet marketing?

If you don’t mind, this is going to be what’s called a “we we” post, or one where I talk more about the company, than about the reader. In other words, I’m breaking the cardinal rule of blogging. I feel, though, that a full explanation is needed. I hope you’ll see why I’ve made this change, and how it can help your company. [Read more...]

The Last Mile, Sales and Marketing …

When I attended last week’s Cloudforce 2011 expo in Washington, DC by, I came away impressed by not only their base customer-relationship management (CRM) solution, but their extended functionality. isn’t the same CRM system that your older sibling or maybe even your father used a couple of years back.

It impressed me so much, I’ve started to incorporate into CruxBridge Media’s (CBM) own sales and marketing process. I also signed up CBM in the Salesforce Partner Program.

Through this new alliance, we have now filled in “the last mile” of the marketing and sales process for our clients: Taking a qualified lead and ushering it to a close.

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In the Clouds

Cloud Computing and Software as a Service

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Cloud computing is the future—no doubt …

The latest stop for the Cloudfest 2011 tour occurred in Washington, DC yesterday. I went, convinced that I knew all about cloud computing and its advantages for businesses.

In the process of being at the conference, sponsored by, and absorbing a bunch of information (as well as my shirt absorbing sweat; it was 95+ degrees outside and very high humidity), I more-or-less confirmed the former, but found out that I fell far, far short in the latter.

So, what can cloud computing do for your business? And what the heck does it have to do with inbound marketing and Web development?

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A Winning Combination

Logos of ProofHQ and Web Worker Daily… as in, we won a contest! What’s more, the ultimate winner in this will be our clients.

CruxBridge Media has won a one-year package to ProofHQ‘s online proofing software tool. It’s not quite a Sally Field moment—”You like me! You really like me!”—but we’re very happy nonetheless.

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