Some Words About WordPress Security

WordPress security graphicWordPress security: When some people—WP “haters,” especially—read those two words together, they tend to put the phrase “lack of” in the middle. The only problem with that is they’re wrong.

There have been a few high-profile cases in the past year or so of mass hackings of such sites. Thing is, the ultimate fault of those hacks comes from the servers at the hosting companies, not the site owners or the WP content-management system (CMS) in and of itself.

With WordPress being the most-used CMS for Websites, and most of the largest Web hosting companies providing these services for such sites, it stands to reason that hackers are devoting much of their time to penetrating WP sites and their hosts.

WP is built on a programming language called PHP, which is also used for other CMS platforms. That’s a key point you need to know, as you read the following passage from one of WP’s lead developers:

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On the Web, but Not In It

Chalkboard with a partial Web addressWebsites for small businesses: The Wall Street Journal last Monday published an interesting story that will no doubt have appeal for small businesses. In the process, though, it might do these vulnerable members of the community a real disservice.

Before I go on, I need to come clean: I make my living off of providing Website strategy, design, development and content services, as well as a heckuva lot of consulting services in various related areas. So take everything I write with a grain .. or two .. or a whole shaker full … of salt.

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