Is Facebook Bad for Business?

"Find us on Facebook" graphic with "or .. maybe not" in scriptFacebook: Business and Sales Lead Generation …

Ahh, Facebook. The main topic of talk, when it comes to social networking. Still bigger than Twitter. MySpace slayer. A significant threat to Google for future advertising revenues, if this article is to be believed.

Two headlines this week revolved around FB and its apparent woes. One may seem like bad news on the surface, but may actually be good news for business looking to acquire leads and prospects. The other is decent in a “kinda, sorta” way for smaller businesses, and not so good for larger companies and brands.

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Online Sales Lead Generation

Photo depiction of sales lead generation processWebsites are about leads …

James Brown would say it loud:

Websites are about leads.

I often hear about how a company’s new Website is just fantastic because it’s got great artwork, a Flash-based graphic that flips, turns and does cartwheels, or has a spiffy video that automatically plays when a visitor lands on it.

To those people, I just want to say one thing. And I want to say it loud:

Websites are about leads.

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My Site Looks Great, but Doesn’t Work!

Website Relaunches and DesignWebsite Relaunches, Design and Content …

When I’m out and about doing business networking, I’ve heard all kinds of variations on the following complaint:

My Website doesn’t work, and I don’t know why! I’ve invested all kinds of money in it, but something’s still wrong with it.

At that point, the person in question will go on to tell me that the site has been redesigned a dozen times in the past couple of years by great designers … but nothing happens. The business owner or marketing manager with whom I’m speaking is seeing zero return-on-investment (ROI) from the site, and they’re frustrated.

The problem behind a Website not “working” generally doesn’t have much to do with the design or with the actual operation of the site. A site is generally viewed as being “broken” because of one of three items, or a combination of them … which you’ll discover immediately after the jump.

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Social Media and Being a DJ

photo of deejayI used to deejay in college, mainly for the campus radio stations. Believe me when I say that deejaying is about much, much more than just slapping a record on the turntable and playing it.

You had to plan out sets, especially if you had themes going (slow, hard-rock, etc.); make the transitions between songs sound good and make sense; ensure that commercials would play when they were supposed to; and play the jingle that announced your station’s call letters and city of license at the top of the hour.

You also had to make sure that “Stairway to Heaven” was lying around somewhere, in case you needed to use the facilities … but that’s another story.

Most important, though: You had to play what your audience wanted to hear. The Eagles notwithstanding, you can’t play a country tune on a rock station. Listeners would flee your smooth jazz station if you played gangsta rap. And so on …

Whenever I’m using one of the many tools I have to “program” the social media channels for which I am responsible, I’m reminded of my old college DJ days, because the two duties aren’t all that different. Here’s how my experiences at being a deejay can help you with your social-media strategy and content.

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