Is Facebook Bad for Business?

"Find us on Facebook" graphic with "or .. maybe not" in scriptFacebook: Business and Sales Lead Generation …

Ahh, Facebook. The main topic of talk, when it comes to social networking. Still bigger than Twitter. MySpace slayer. A significant threat to Google for future advertising revenues, if this article is to be believed.

Two headlines this week revolved around FB and its apparent woes. One may seem like bad news on the surface, but may actually be good news for business looking to acquire leads and prospects. The other is decent in a “kinda, sorta” way for smaller businesses, and not so good for larger companies and brands.

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Online Sales Lead Generation

Photo depiction of sales lead generation processWebsites are about leads …

James Brown would say it loud:

Websites are about leads.

I often hear about how a company’s new Website is just fantastic because it’s got great artwork, a Flash-based graphic that flips, turns and does cartwheels, or has a spiffy video that automatically plays when a visitor lands on it.

To those people, I just want to say one thing. And I want to say it loud:

Websites are about leads.

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What a Consumer Wants

Graphic of Website Relaunch and Marketing Concerns

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Website Redesign and Relaunch, and Conversion Rates …

For some reason, this lyric popped into my head when I first read a couple of mornings back about new research from our technology partner HubSpot:

What a girl wants
What a girl needs
Whatever keeps me in your arms
~ What a Girl Wants, Christina Aguilera

(Things like that tend to happen after I’ve had my first cup of coffee for the day.)

Companies relaunch Websites precisely because they want to keep their customers in their “arms”—in this case, on their sites and using them for e-commerce, lead generation, news-article views and so on. Their old sites probably weren’t getting the job done, and their sales, leads or pageviews were suffering as a result.

Or just as likely: Their old Websites were mired in 2005 (or 1995), and they needed a new, modern look that also fulfills a business purpose (see paragraph above).

What consumers want and what they don’t want in a Website, and how that can help with your Website redesign and relaunch strategy … after the jump.

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Tweet-Like Copywriting

The little guy (or gal … ?) to the right is teaching me a lot about writing and copywriting. I think he (or she .. ?) can help you, too.

It’s not about writing like a bird* … directly, anyways. It’s about writing tweets—140 character updates used in Twitter—and how thinking about tweeting can sharpen your writing skills.

Hit the jump for more.

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