Is Facebook Bad for Business?

"Find us on Facebook" graphic with "or .. maybe not" in scriptFacebook: Business and Sales Lead Generation …

Ahh, Facebook. The main topic of talk, when it comes to social networking. Still bigger than Twitter. MySpace slayer. A significant threat to Google for future advertising revenues, if this article is to be believed.

Two headlines this week revolved around FB and its apparent woes. One may seem like bad news on the surface, but may actually be good news for business looking to acquire leads and prospects. The other is decent in a “kinda, sorta” way for smaller businesses, and not so good for larger companies and brands.

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B2B Email .. Sent On a Saturday Morning?

Email best practices - graphicEmail marketing best practices: I’m about ready to finish up the second edition of the new CruxBridge Media email newsletter. We’re calling it The Magnetic Business Insider (use the box to the right to sign up!), and it’s chock full of news and information about attracting qualified leads to your company.

I have to admit I”m feeling a bit weird about a couple of things in regards to the newsletter itself, though. One is the send day: this Saturday. Second is the time: 6:30 AM EDT. The third? It’s only been two weeks since I sent the last one.

Why am I feeling so strange about those points? Because they fly in the face of conventional thinking about when to send such newsletters and messages, and how often to send them.

As is with anything involving technology and the public’s attitude towards it, though, the rules and best practices behind email marketing can be represented at best by a moving target. Here’s the latest on how to hit a bullseye.

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On the Web, but Not In It

Chalkboard with a partial Web addressWebsites for small businesses: The Wall Street Journal last Monday published an interesting story that will no doubt have appeal for small businesses. In the process, though, it might do these vulnerable members of the community a real disservice.

Before I go on, I need to come clean: I make my living off of providing Website strategy, design, development and content services, as well as a heckuva lot of consulting services in various related areas. So take everything I write with a grain .. or two .. or a whole shaker full … of salt.

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Hand to Mouse Networking Launches in Beta

Hand to Mouse Networking - Business NetworkingHand to Mouse Networking, a new Website dedicated to helping those who are involved with business networking—online and offline—has launched in a beta version.

The concept was created by Bob Woods, chief executive officer of CruxBridge Media, after years of experience using business networking to meet fellow business professionals and work toward mutually beneficial relationships.

“When you’re at a business function or online on a networking site, it’s very easy to forget that you’re there for a purpose: to meet like-minded businesspeople who can help you, while you assist them,” Woods said. “Both the Hand to Mouse Networking concept and its associated Website puts a real strategy to your networking, as well as gives you tips on both online and offline networking, and especially how to connect the two.”

The Website’s introductory message spells out both Woods’ overall concept, and the largest goals of the site:

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Why Facebook Pages Will Not Replace Websites

Graphic of Facebook logo and business WebsitesBack in the FBML days of Facebook—just a couple of months back, come to think of it—the social-networking service’s Pages feature was not the easiest vehicle to use in driving brand awareness. With recent moves to incorporate iFrames and other business-friendly tools into Pages, marketing on FB is now much easier for all sizes and types of businesses and organizations.

In the wake of the changes, though, some social-media “gurus” have predictably started discussing if Facebook Pages will replace Websites. Don’t believe it? Just Google the phrase facebook pages replace websites; you’ll get 53.3 million returned results.

What’s the answer? Simple: Facebook Pages should not replace Websites. The reason behind the answer lies in the sticky little matter of control.

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Local mobile marketing tool – Foursquare

Foursquare is arguably the best-known of the next generation of mobile applications. With this app, users can “check in” to venues, and the application lets others know that the person has checked into a particular office, restaurant, bar, café, or other various businesses.

Customers use their smartphones—iPhones, Androids, Blackberrys and others—to check into these venues.

As you can probably imagine, retail businesses usually work best with Foursquare. But others can, too.

Why is this service growing so fast? Two reasons: deals and games.

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Social Media “Experts” – Hah!

About a year ago, I wrote this Status Update at Facebook:

Bob Woods says there’s a lot of backlash out there right now about “social media experts.” Social media changes so fast, we can only be students, not experts.

When I wrote that a year back, the whole “social-media expert” phenomenon was just beginning. Nowadays, you can’t roll a bowling ball down a street without hitting at least 5 self-proclaimed social-media “experts.”

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Dilbert and Social Media [WIN]

Ahhh, Dilbert. One of my favorite comic strips. When it comes to various topics and issues in the corporate world, Scott Adams always hits the nail on the head so squarely that all other nails in the universe quake in pain.

In the past couple of days, he’s taken on corporate policies toward social media. Licensing fees and a fear of getting sued (mainly the “getting sued” part) prevent me from posting any panel of the strip. Hit the jump for more.

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