On the Web, and In It

graphic of Small Business Websites - Effective, InexpensiveInexpensive, effective websites for small business: I hadn’t planned on the topic of small businesses and Websites turning into a two-part series. But after I wrote the post on why using a strategy advocated by The Wall Street Journal was a bad idea, I thought I needed to expand on it .. so much so, that I’m soon going to be publishing an eBook on it.

From that original piece, the WSJ said:

… [I]f you’re starting a business with limited funds, a flashy company Website isn’t a must. For little or no cost, you could put your fledgling enterprise on a third-party site such as a blog-hosting service, social-media outlet, business directory or marketplace.

While I agree with a lot of that statement (and that comes from someone who makes their living at creating Websites for all sizes and kinds of businesses), I strongly disagree with some of it. Which part? And what to do about it?

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On the Web, but Not In It

Chalkboard with a partial Web addressWebsites for small businesses: The Wall Street Journal last Monday published an interesting story that will no doubt have appeal for small businesses. In the process, though, it might do these vulnerable members of the community a real disservice.

Before I go on, I need to come clean: I make my living off of providing Website strategy, design, development and content services, as well as a heckuva lot of consulting services in various related areas. So take everything I write with a grain .. or two .. or a whole shaker full … of salt.

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