What a Consumer Wants

Graphic of Website Relaunch and Marketing Concerns

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Website Redesign and Relaunch, and Conversion Rates …

For some reason, this lyric popped into my head when I first read a couple of mornings back about new research from our technology partner HubSpot:

What a girl wants
What a girl needs
Whatever keeps me in your arms
~ What a Girl Wants, Christina Aguilera

(Things like that tend to happen after I’ve had my first cup of coffee for the day.)

Companies relaunch Websites precisely because they want to keep their customers in their “arms”—in this case, on their sites and using them for e-commerce, lead generation, news-article views and so on. Their old sites probably weren’t getting the job done, and their sales, leads or pageviews were suffering as a result.

Or just as likely: Their old Websites were mired in 2005 (or 1995), and they needed a new, modern look that also fulfills a business purpose (see paragraph above).

What consumers want and what they don’t want in a Website, and how that can help with your Website redesign and relaunch strategy … after the jump.

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Blogging by Example

Blog graphic for Blog Post Writing for BusinessBlog writing for business: Writing a business blog, and keeping it freshly stocked with great content that people want to read and share is not an easy job … even for people like me, who both use blogs to promote their business and get paid to blog (or come up with blog strategies) for others.

Sure, I keep a clip file of business related topics and links upon which I know I can provide my own viewpoint. I even have a file of ideas I can use, if the ol’ business blog creativity well really runs dry.

Even in those cases, though, I need to write every business -related blog post so that people can relate to the topic. This is where the seemingly different writing styles of business and creative not only work together in business blogging, but compliment one another. How so?

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Your Online Persona

Masks and Online PersonasOnline personas are like masks. Except for when they aren’t.

Sound confusing? Let me explain.

As businesspeople, we all wear masks to some extent. For some, we put on a “sales” or “marketing” mask before a meeting. Others may put on a “Mr./Ms. Personality” mask just before entering a networking event or a trade show/conference.

An social-media online persona is like a mask, except you wear it for your company or yourself as you develop an audience to further whatever business purpose you might have. How does it work?

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A Four-Pronged Launch Strategy

A side project of mine is off and running. More like sprinting like that guy in the Summer Olympics from Africa. And leaving nothing but a vapor trail.

I’m taking about the Stogie’d Network—my baby. It’s a network of sites and services for the cigar community—both cigar lovers and those involved in the business side of the cigar industry.

To say that a dream of mine is not only out the door, but taking off like a rocket into space, is an understatement. But enough of the self-congratulations.

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Tweet-Like Copywriting

The little guy (or gal … ?) to the right is teaching me a lot about writing and copywriting. I think he (or she .. ?) can help you, too.

It’s not about writing like a bird* … directly, anyways. It’s about writing tweets—140 character updates used in Twitter—and how thinking about tweeting can sharpen your writing skills.

Hit the jump for more.

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Welcome to CruxBridge Media

Have you ever watched SyFy (the former SciFi Channel, God rest its soul)? If so, you may have noticed that in the very first episode of many of its newer scripted series, one character leads another into some kind of place or inner sanctum. Upon entering, the one “in charge” says:

Welcome to … (Warehouse 13, the Sanctuary, Eureka, etc.)!

This post is the blog equivalent to that soon-to-be cliche’. With that in mind, I say:

Welcome to CruxBridge Media!

We hope you like the site. Please use the navigation bar above to get you around to where you need to go.

We’ve also got quite a few blog postings already up. As of this “welcome,” most of them are archival in nature, from CruxBridge Media’s originating company. We’ll be blogging more about our areas of strength, though, so look for those posts.

Wonder what “CruxBridge Media” actually means? We carefully chose for good reasons; we explain why at our About page.

We hope you’ll follow us on Twitter, and “like” us on Facebook, too.

Blog-Building Basics

blog_graphicBefore reading this post, please see this note about our historical posts here at the CruxBridge Media blog.

When it comes to social media, there’s an awful lot of buzz surrounding topics like video, audio podcasts, Twitter, Facebook and so on. Yet the form of multi-way communication that started it all — yes, I’m talking about the blog — is getting a bit of a short shrift nowadays.

Frankly, I’m not sure why.

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What Makes a Guru? What Doesn’t?

Before reading this post, please see this note about our historical posts here at the CruxBridge Media blog.

This is one of those posts that can help you no matter what you do for a living. If you’re a businessperson, work for an organization, or collect a government paycheck, this post is for you.

Many people think that being an expert in whatever it is they do will help them succeed. And they’re right. After all, who would you hire, work with, or take advice from … just someone you know, or a person who is an expert?

If you want to be considered a true “guru” in whatever your little corner is of our planet, there’s two things you should do … and two you shouldn’t … that can help you be the expert everyone will flock to when they need help. Or when they want to hire someone for whatever it is they are looking for.

Want to be the gal or the guy? Read on.

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The Best Banner Ad … Ever?

mouse-clickBefore reading this post, please see this note about our historical posts here at the CruxBridge Media blog.

This is seriously good stuff. It’s a banner ad that once you click … you can’t stop. Just like their slogan**. Which is the point.

Hit the jump for the ad!

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To Blog (Daily) or Not to Blog (Daily) – Part III

Before reading this post, please see this note about our historical posts here at the CruxBridge Media blog.

On this last day of our three-part series [Part I | Part II], the inevitable question is:

What happens when I just don’t have anything to write about?

Ahhh, the dreaded writer’s block — and if you’re a blogger, you’re a writer too. No matter what those true writing snobs say.

Hit the jump for more!

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